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Spread the word.
The more people from #WholeWorld participate, the faster we'll cure!

Who will you challenge this year?

You took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, now what?
Introducing #WholeWorld Fight Club Charity Relay Race Challenge

There are many exciting opportunities for you to be a part of the worldwide movement to cure cancer!

Charity Relay Race Challenge, Attend chapter events, host a fundraiser, lend a helping hand...

Because of you, we`ve changed the game! There`s new sense of fight in the community that we never really had before, join our Fight Club team and challenge with race, everyone you want plus make money! 


1-st of June - International Children's Day!



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Charity Marathon Challenge / started after ICE Bucket challenge, and bring more beauty in charity world. 
See and support me in my challenge for this popular people! facebook link.... 

You are not your f''king khakis

Ice bucket challenge, and now Charity Relay Race Challenge


With Charity Relay Race Challenge, the world will be better because there are so many people who need help and business support, so feel free to join and race your opponents, if you do not have contact, you have option to buy bussines machine, and you will get for 50$ = 50 new contact who are registered on whole world site.... 

if you need help, or you know some people who need help, just do it Charity Relay Race Challenge.... help you, help them help everybody...

Direct link to Whole World for registration and donation!